Your goals reflect you, so should your investment portfolio. With our wealth management service we undertake a full review of your present investments, this reviews examines if;

  • You are invested in funds commensurate with your attitude to risk
  • Your portfolio is properly diversified?
  • You have sufficient savings in your “Rainy Day” fund
  • You have created your “Sunny Day” funds for your life passions and hobbies
  • You know what your number is? i.e. how much you need to sustain your present and future standard of living

One of the most important things in wealth management is to ensure that our clients fully understand the risks and volatility associated with investing, We meet our wealth management clients regularly and emphasise our firm’s core beliefs;

  1. It’s time in the market not timing the market that is important
  2. Diversification in your assets is key
  3. Our ability to access a range of investment fund managers on your behalf is vital.